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I’m a wife, a mom, and an entrepreneur. I work full-time in my family’s business. And, with three kids at home, my plate is very full. I absolutely love my family and my career. But, while doing everything for everyone else, I realized I wasn’t doing anything for myself. In 2015, my friend introduced me to a virtual e-commerce business. I run my business around the rest of my life, all on my terms. It fulfills me in ways that my career can’t. And, it allows me and my family to achieve financial goals beyond our salaries.

My business features products created by the most famous dermatologists in the world. It is the fastest growing skincare line for 6 years in a row. I am given an online assessment tool to recommend the right products to others and a virtual back office that takes care of inventory, shipping, and administrative tasks for me. I run my business on the go, from my phone or laptop, and work whenever and wherever I choose.

What I do is train my team on how to build their own skincare business, without interfering with a career or personal life. I educate others on award-winning products and how to share them with others. My brand is smart. My products are clinically proven to work. And this business model is unlike anything else. I am part of a community of social entrepreneurs, who collaborate, support, and encourage one another.

By working this business on my own terms, I can be the mom I want to be to my kids and still have something just for myself. My whole family reaps the benefits of this business, and we have BIG plans for our future! I also get to coach others to build their own successful businesses - helping them to reach and exceed their goals. The best part is we are having a whole lot of fun doing it!

Does this sound like something you want to be a part of? Let’s talk. This business might be exactly what you didn’t know you were looking for!

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