A little bit about me.

​I am a bookkeeper by trade and an entrepreneur by heart. I am a professional network marketing entrepreneur and coach my team to find authentic and efficient ways to grow their business through social media with both results and integrity.

I hate the word “busy.” But, as a wife and mom of three, with a full-time career, my life was busy. Despite the 'busyness', I was feeling empty. The problem was that I was spending most of my time doing for others, and not doing much for myself.

Truthfully, I had no time for myself. And, as my family grew, our expenses grew. I was looking for an opportunity to earn extra income, without interfering with a career I love, or taking away precious family time. I’m a practical person and ensuring my family’s financial security is very important to me.

In 2015, my friend introduced me to a virtual e-commerce business that would allow me to achieve both financial freedom and time freedom - all on my terms. Now, I educate others on award-winning products and also build my team of international professionals. We are a community. And, we have created a culture to support and encourage others who also want to create their own success.

I specialize in helping people become confident and grow a successful organization, all on their own terms. And, my team has created a real game plan to use social media to grow a brand and a business online without overwhelm or confusion. Most of our team, including myself, run their individual businesses in very part-time hours, around their career, family, and other personal commitments.

I run my business on the go - from my smartphone or laptop - and work whenever and wherever I choose. This is because a virtual back office takes care of all the inventory, shipping, and other administrative tasks for me.

I love to help people. Now, I get to do that while having something for myself, and enhancing the quality of my family’s life. This business has fulfilled me in many ways that my career and family could not. If you want to make a change in your life, and if you are coachable and willing to work, then I would love to help you make your dreams come true. That is exactly what I am doing for me and my family.

I have never been happier, and who doesn't love to be happy! Connect with me today, and let’s have a conversation to see if this is the right fit for you.